Sheriff Jeff Crisco

Sheriff Jeff Crisco is a man of exceptional integrity, values, honor, and character. He considers his oath to protect and serve the citizens of Stanly County a distinct honor and privilege. Jeff believes that the Office of the Sheriff should be held to the highest standard ensuring integrity and core values are at the center of everything they do.

Jeff was raised in Buncombe County, NC and after graduating high school moved to Albemarle, NC so he could assist with the care of his grandmother. His father, Lloyd Crisco, was a Special Agent with the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. This instilled Jeff’s dedication and understanding of the many sacrifices that law enforcement officers and their families make to serve and protect the community. He attributes his passion for public service to his Dad, who will always be his hero.

Jeff graduated Basic Law Enforcement Training in 1992 and began his law enforcement career of 27 years. He has worked with all agencies throughout the county during his many years assigned to the Interagency Drug Task-Force with the Albemarle Police Department, as well as most of the Stanly County Sheriff’s Office. He has served the citizens of Stanly County full-time with the Stanfield Police Department, Locust Police Department and the Oakboro Police Department as well as instruct students part-time in Basic Law Enforcement Training at Stanly Community College.

Jeff has actively assisted with community policing programs in multiple jurisdictions and was appointed as the Governors Highway Safety Coordinator for Stanly County. Jeff served as a Field Training Office for over twenty years. He is passionate about exceptional quality and thorough training for all roles in law enforcement, jail and court staff, as well as ensuring veteran employees are updated on new trends and legal updates.

For eight years of Jeff’s career, his experience broadened as he took an opportunity to serve as a Personal Protective Specialist with the U.S. Department of State. Jeff worked in Haiti, Iraq, and Afghanistan where he provided personal security for many types of dignitaries; including U.S. Senators, Congressmen, U.S. Ambassadors and Presidents of foreign countries. His leadership responsibilities included mission planning, preparing and training team members, administrative duties, equipment accountability and maintenance. He was a federal firearms instructor and an instructor of specialized skills.

Throughout his career, Jeff has gained extensive experience, from enforcing minor traffic violations to investigating homicides. He is accomplished in all aspects of investigations including breaking and entering’s, sexual assaults, and financial crimes. Jeff also has extensive experience in working with State and Federal prosecutors and numerous other law enforcement agencies with a heavy focus on drug crimes.

As your Sheriff, Jeff is committed to restoring integrity and confidence in the Sheriff’s office, from both the public and with other law enforcement agencies. Jeff knows firsthand that building close working relationships with all municipalities, fire departments, emergency management services, and local social services is critical for the betterment of all of Stanly County citizens.

Jeff continues to target the county’s drug epidemic through enforcement actions, as well as exploring substance abuse treatment opportunities to combat the growing problem with new and different tactics. Jeff knows that combating the drug epidemic will have a direct impact in reducing violent crimes and property crimes. He is committed to providing school resource officers and all deputies with more comprehensive and specialized training to proactively confront school violence. He is also dedicated to working with the School Board, parents, and community to ensure the safety of our children, school faculty and administration.

Jeff currently resides in Oakboro with his wife, Jody. They have four children and seven grandchildren. He and Jody are small business owners in Stanly County as well as members of Union Grove Baptist Church.