Stanly County Sheriff

       Mission Statement

The mission of the Stanly County Sheriff’s Office is to strive to provide quality law enforcement services to the public. In accomplishing those basic functions, our law enforcement staff is organized and trained to enforce the laws.  At the same time, deputies must perform within guidelines that safeguard everyone’s constitutional rights to life and liberty.

Deputies are trained from the onset of their careers to serve Stanly County citizens is a privilege, not a right.  They learn that their most basic, fundamental duty is to serve all Stanly County citizens to the best of their ability.  The citizen is the most important person to our office; not an interruption of their work, but the purpose of it. Deputies are also trained to recognize the badge they wear as a symbol of the public faith entrusted to them.  Deputies are expected to conduct themselves in an honest, unsullied and incorruptible manner; and to strive for restraint and integrity in their every official action. 

Finally, newly sworn officers, and those of long tenure, are continually reminded that their duty is to enforce the law courteously and appropriately, without fear or favor, malice or ill-will.  They are never to permit their personal feelings, prejudices, animosities or friendships to influence their official decisions.